Serve your aspirations

Your guests won’t remember what they ate, but they will remember how you made them feel.

Design is a crucial part of your event. It is not about the most gorgeous floral arrangement or the perfect combination of colours, it is about designing that immersive experience touching on all senses.
Each of you will have a special vision of their design and that’s what we like. For sure, this is with design that your event will appear different.

Please see below a selection of weddings we’ve planned.
Each photo on this website is from an event that we personnaly designed and produced.


 Marine & Philippe – Brazil

Ines & Nicolas from Belgium

Ryann & Cristian from USA

Ginika & Tolu from Nigeria

Catrin & Paul from England

Sheila & Gareth from England

Ines & George from Monaco & Lebanon

Clarissa & Leander from Switzerland & Italy

Isabel & Quentin from Singapore

Lyllia & Robert from France

Audrey & Jean from France

Marina & Mark from USA

Joanne & Sylvain from France

Sophie & Simon from England

Michelle & Christopher from USA

Jessica & Michael from USA

Tanja & Alexis from Germany

Alexandra & Thibault from South Africa

Julia & Alex from England

Olivia & Jonny from England