France is not the only most coveted destination for your event !

Throughout years, we have been amazed by so much locations in Europe and borders from the weddings we planned.

A glamourous wedding in one of the Greek islands (Andros, Santorini, Paros and so many more), a picturesque gathering in the Moroccan desert, and intimate reception in Puglia (Italia), a grand party in Catalonia, an intimate beach celebration in Lisbon or Comporta, a birthday in the volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote island…

Living in France means being in the center of so many destinations. That’s quite easy for us to travel to North Africa, Italia, Spain, Portugal, Greece but also Canaria (Lanzarote or Fuerteventura islands) or even farer. We love to explore the world with you.

Contact us and we’ll discuss about your vision.

In addition, it is also possible to arrange for the planning of your honeymoon and further travel for you and your guests

Our credo : creating sophisticated events but giving fun in priority.
We pride ourselves on producing unique events through meticulous planning and thoughtful design.



Your event will be smart, be it casual or formal, traditionnal or more unique. Every choice is about experience.

Unexpected details wake guests up and put them into the room.

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Isabel & Quentin – From Singapor

Hello ladies! Thank you so much for making the event so beautiful. We received a lot of compliments, all our guests enjoyed which is the most important thing!

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