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With Dites Moi oui, you get a hassle-free planning experience whether you’re creating a wedding or a milestone party. Listening to your treasured stories and expectations, alltogether we will curate an event that is a true reflection of you.

Dites Moi Oui is a « Boutique Wedding & Event Planning Company » launched in 2005.
Every year, we only design a limited number of inspiring events which offer high-end hospitality, gorgeous venues and magical settings.

Our client

We want our unique clients to have the event that reflects their own special style.
We aim at creating personalized experiences and rad celebrations that everyone will remember !

We are honored to work with a diverse clientele that includes romantics, visionaries from all over the world but also entrepreneurs and companies. We are also welcoming with great pleasure multicultural, interracial and LGBTQ events. At Dites Moi Oui we celebrate diversity and are continuously curious to deeply discover worldwide cultures throughout our clients.

Our mission

We have to ensure that the process of wedding planning or event organisation is a calm and collaborative one.
You may enjoy the planning process such as the event itself !

Our vision

We want to create an immersive experience for all your guests rather that a simple beautiful event. We have to consider your guests are probably flying from different countries and we need to thank them for travelling from so far by sharing one-of-a-kind experiences that are intimate, yet grand
We are happy to offer options for event of all shapes and sizes.
Our mission is to inspire, entertain, delight and captivate and we should be creative for sure but also flexible and adaptable.

Our Destinations

Our office is located in Marseille (France) and our usual playgroud is South of France which means of course Provence and French Riviera , from Monaco to Avignon, passing through Luberon and Alpilles but also the one and only beautiful Corsican island.
However we also plan celebrations in other French areas (Paris, French Alps) throughout the entire year : have you ever thought about a magical winter wedding walking in the fresh snow ?
For the past years, we have also enjoyed a lot thinking out of the box and planning parties out of France. Think about a romantic wedding in the Greek islands, a spectacular thousand and one nights Arabian birthday in the Marrocan desert, a picturesque intimate party in Puglia (Italia). Lanzarote island, Baleares, Portugal (Lisbone and Comporta areas are so amazing without speaking about the Portuguese food), Catalonia or even further somewhere in the world. A good planner is competent everywhere and should be curious to discover and comprehend new countries.
A proficient organizer is judged not only by its qualified network, but above all by its ability to adapt and anticipate such as its recognized planning processes.

Meet the Sisters Team

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Born in Septembre 1980
Married in 2006, 2 daughters and one serene and gentle husband


She expects things to be the clearest, she is frank (maybe too much sometimes !). She hates hypocrisy.


She makes it a point of honor for everyone to find a satisfying path, both in human and professional terms.


She’s certainly too cartesian and a little stubborn. She should shows a little more folly sometimes.


She values the lighter and brighter side of life and want to host gathering that reflects these

Founder & manager

Born in December 1985
Married in 2012, 2 daughters and one funny and good-dancer husband


She doesn’t like to be the center of attention and prefers to act in the shadow, which means she’s always ready to listen to others.


She is part of the ones who think we can always do better and give more. So she’s often indecisive too.


She is passionate about achieving her professional and personal goals. Her reflexion is more or less long, but she always makes sure she gets there.


She hates conflicts and loves happy endings

Project manager

Geraldine and Amandine lead their business with honesty and transparency. We do believe that trust is the key from the very beginning of the planning in order to ensure a successfull planning process for all events.
We always try to make you feel you are our only client : you are not the same as all of your friends so you won’t have the same event !
With us, you are not only choosing a planner, you are choosing a partner. Throughout the planning process, we will build a special intimate relation like a member of your family and we must confess that once the event is over, it’s a heartbreaker not to have you on the phone every 2 days…

We think it’s important to combine a serious but fun collaboration too.

Work with the

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Get to know you

We need to know who you are and what you have been dreaming of for your special day. We’ll ask you to share some inspirations from social media or photos from your living-experiences

Draw up your budget

We’ll carefully work on a detailed budget because no matter all the spectacular ideas we may have, budget is for sure the most relevant tool of the planning and we must work toward the right direction.

Sign our fees agreement

Once you are convinced we can be a great team, we will deal with all paperworks. The contract will be set and you’ll sign it and pay the first deposit.

Source the perfect venue

The next step will be to find the right venue and set a date.

Capture your vision

Then we will have a long and careful reflexion to design a global scenario and draw out your ideas, taking cues from your personalities.

Connect with best vendors

We’ll be liaising with the best vendors in the event industry that we have smartly selected from 2005. We are also very keen to listen to your recommendations. We've all attended an event where we've been blown away by a fantastic service provider : feel free to share your contact.

Write the technical log book

It is a long and boring document but so fundamental ! It combines all the logistic information of your whole event, detailed minute per minute, hour per hour, for each vendor and each day of event.

Coordinate your event onsite

On the day, we share the excitement of every fascinating journey with the utmost discretion, confidentiality and dedication to our esteemed clientele. We’ll be the only one contact of vendors and guests. You can truly relax and trust our team to have your back

Look at you enjoying every moment

Our satisfaction is to see you smiling and drinking a glass of Rosé and simply having fun

Because throughout the year, we will share thousand information, we’ll have to structure them. Our process is quite strict but you’ll see soon its benefits. We’ll preferably use Teams vs. Whatsapp to chat, use Emails for all official conversations. We’ll also create your access to your private platform where all signed contracts but also main documents like moodboard, graphic design mockup, guest list, budget, etc.. will be downloaded in order you can easily find them along the event planning process.

We create... You celebrate

S&Q – from Singapour

The team did a fantastic job with our wedding! I’m an English speaker and ng husband French, but happy to say communication was clear 🙂 I was very nervous with our wedding organization as I really don’t know all the details and timelines needed, but when we worked with them, everything was taken care of, even things we didn’t think about – like babysitter for kids of guests, and snacks at the house where we did our wedding preparations (hair and makeup for me and my family). They can easily understand your style with just a few examples. They’re also pretty flexible with what you want. Overall, highly recommend for a wedding in Provence!

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