You are a wedding and event planner ?

Let’s collaborate !

As an experienced event planning company, we do know how precious it is to have an on-site partner for all destination events we may plan abroad.
If you are a wedding & event agency located out of France and about to curate an event in France or nearby, we are not competitors, we are now partners.

Of course we may not have the same methods but we could work hand by hand and realize the value of collaboration.

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The Pros

  • Alltogether, we will be more creative and more powerful in our efforts
  • Alltogether, we will pool ressources and meld contact list of reliable vendors
  • Alltogether and in collaboration, we can bridge each other’s gaps that result in more substantial and successful event experiences.
  • Alltogether, problem-solving efforts will be more impactful since we’re both drawing from unique experiences to address event planning challenges.
  • Alltogether, we’ll save time and we’ll share tasks
  • Having us in your team will save your energy : don’t loose time flying too much in the air to reach France. A simple call and we’ll be onsite faster than you to check all your comments throughout the planning process. You’ll just focus on travelling to attend the most important meetings with your clients.
  • Working together will be a human-based relationship : we will learn from your culture and you’ll learn from ours. Sometimes, what you are used to do in your country is not appropriate in ours and we will suggest something different.

The Cons

  • We can’t really see any Cons to collaborate together.
    Inattentive people might immediately say that we (any of us) could be victims of « espionage », but there is nothing to copy. Frankly, we don’t think so.


One common challenge is ensuring equal contribution from both parties. It is important to establish a balanced partnership where each brand feels valued and has an equal opportunity to showcase their services.

Effective communication and collaboration are essential for overcoming these challenges. Regular check-ins and meetings, along with transparency and a willingness to listen and address concerns, can help maintain a harmonious partnership and overcome any obstacles that arise.

We can work with you as an effective onsite-partner and your client will be aware of us in your team but we are also happy to work with you on a white-label basis (and you’ll be our client). You’ll decide this.

Our previous collaborations with wedding planners based out of France were really successful and we can’t wait to have new challenges. See below some nice stories we curated.


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Your event will be smart, be it casual or formal, traditionnal or more unique. Every choice is about experience.

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