A Coral and Cobalt Blue Wedding in Ventoux, Provence

Jessica & Yohan – Sorgues

Coral & Navy Blue wedding in Ventoux, Provence (south of France)

Our 2 lovebirds love to be spontaneous and didn’t want to wait too long before saying « I do ». They contacted us in January to organise their wedding and get definitely married mid-June : a challenge for us but we do love challenge so of course we said yes !
Jessica & Yohan wished an intimate wedding, in a venue, in the south of France where they can be accommodated with all the wedding party during several days. We found a wonderful domaine, combination of several antic farm buildings and Provencal bastide, all renovated in a stylish French Provencal way and located near Avignon.
Even if the couple likes to be directed, our energetic and funny bride-to-be knew very well what she wants based on her 2 favorite colours : coral and navy blue. All the design was thought through this mood : peonies and roses for their coral, blush pink and salmon pink tinges ; thistles and hydrangeas for their blue tinges ; everything enhanced with a neutral eucalyptus.
Furthermore we decided to use fresh apricots and peaches to add coral touches and coral lace and navy blue satin ribbon wrapping the vintage jam jars, such as coral cotton tableclothes.

The wedding ceremony took place in the garden, with a fantastic green backdrop and was a very energetic one, full of love and humor. Actually the entrance of the wedding party was well choreographed and made the whole difference.

After this happy moment, guests enjoyed a gorgeous sunset under vines and rightly reached the dinning hall. The beautiful starter was a refined Parmesan cheese tart with roquette salad, Bufala mozzarella, candied tomatoes, asparagus, baby eggplant, Serrano ham, grilled pine nuts and basil vinaigrette.
Main was a seabream fillet dressed with olive oil from les Baux de Provence village, candied tomatoes and basil and side was a spelt risotto with lemon flavour.

A terrific dessert buffet was served for all guests : redberries minestrone with tonka beam flavour (a pure delight), lemon-chocolate tarts, motlen chocolate cake and homemade icecreams (peach, Get 27 and yogourt flavours). Last but not least, the wedding cake was composed by several mini peach-blueberrie cheesecakes.
To end the evening, the DJ played the firstdance and made people dance until the early morning.

Wedding venue : Ventoux, Provence (south of France)

Photo : M&J

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