Boho weddings Blog 

A Intimate wedding in Luberon

Date : 28th February 2017

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Les moineaux de la mariée

Sweet Love in Luberon

Date : 28th Aout 2015

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Perfect wedding planner in Provence

Date: 24th July 2015

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 Boho weddings Blog 

A Chic Wedding in Gordes in Provence

Date : 28th July 2015

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French Wedding Style Blog 

A Shabby Chic Wedding in Luberon

Date : 04th June 2015

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La mariée aux pieds nus blog

A White Wedding in Gordes

Date: 10th December 2014

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 Snippet and Ink blog

An Elegant Wedding in Provence

Date : 11th March 2013

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The bride next door blog

To Choose Your Wedding Planner…

Date : 21st February 2012

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 Fly away Bride blog

A Stunning Wedding in Provence !

Date : 16th February 2012

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 Style me pretty blog

A Chic Wedding in Provence

Date : 5th October 2010

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 Oui magazine

Weddings in Marseille

Date : Spring 2011

 10 pages dedicated Christine et Julien’s Wedding, organized on the 11th July 2010.

Zankyou blog

For An Exceptional Wedding, Call “Dites Moi Oui”

Date : 8th February 2011

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Radio : France bleu provence 

Interview of a Wedding Planner in the South of France

Date : September 2010

Radio Interview

 Tentation Magazine 

50 women who make France move

Date : Spring 2010

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Novel : Dompter Belle-Maman, written by Lucie Paris-Legret, collection Patch 2010, First edition

Géraldine Cheval-Bergeron’s good advice as a wedding planner

Date : 2010

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Newspaper : Le journal des entreprises

Dites Moi Oui, An International Wedding Agency

Date : November 2009

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Newspaper : A Nous Marseille

How to Make Your Wedding the Best Day of Your Life

Date : Week of the 11th March 2009

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ELLE Magazine 

Long Live Wedding Planners !

Date : 10th March 2008

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Fémina Magazine 

The Big Wedding Planners’ Popularity

Date : February 2006

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Presse : A Nous Marseille

Wedding Planners are here to help you

Date : 30th January 2006

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Newspaper : Les nouvelles publications

Follow your desires with Dites Moi Oui

Date : September 2005

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