Wedding Planner South of France

A to Z

An overbooked groom-to-be, a very busy future bride and the wish for a worry-free wedding in the south of France… The A to Z organisation option is perfect for those who want to stay calm during all the wedding preparation and make the most of their big day. At a first meeting, we will sketch together your perfect scenario : you wishes, your desires, your impulses… Everything is possible so do not mind or hesitate on anything ! You deserve the best wedding in South of France Provence

Peculiar or romantic venues, famous caterers or talented craftsmen, any kind of musicians, haute-couture scenographies, zany or classical wedding announcements, photographers, artists from all backgrounds, we will be at your side in every step of your wedding planning in the South of France, Provence.

Our added value : an extended network of providers in the south of France, carefully selected along the years, in order to obtain the unique wedding that will fit you best. Please note nonetheless, we are always looking for the new gem, the new talented providers, so should you have any good addresses that are important to you, feel free to give us your recommendations. We will be delighted to work with them !

Earnest advise, top-notch technicality, perfect logistics, we put a point to create the most beautiful event for you.

On D-Day, you will just have to take seats and enjoy : a team of professional coordinators will ensure this day goes perfectly. Weddings do no longer limit themselves up to one day only. We are also willing to organise your pre-party and/or your wedding brunch if you want to. Willing to settle some activities for your guests ? We may give you any advice you wish for. And if you want to propose an accommodation and/or a transportation service to your guests, we will be able to settle a private concierge service.

Our Wedding Planner South of France is with you from A to Z.